20 Seconds crafts: Easy door handles

Its time for another quick fix craft this week!! A new installment in the 20 seconds craft playlist, how to make easy door handles.

I get asked a lot about my kitchen cupboard door handles so I thought its time to spill the beans and show you how super easy they are to make.

When we moved into our (rental) home I wasn't very keen on the box standard kitchen. Yellowy wood cupboards and black granite worktop didn't scream beach house to me. Luckily I have an awesome landlord who so loved my restyling of the house they let me paint the kitchen as well. But the metal modern door handles still didn't go with the now lovely white rustic kitchen. So I ordered a box of driftwood on Ebay and turned the pieces of weathered wood into unique door handles!

Looks way better, doesn't it? Want to see how I did this simple kitchen update? Watch the video below.

And of course you can use driftwood door handle idea for a lot more doors and cupboards, what about your wardrobe doors? Or your chest of drawers? Feel inspirited to update your own doors? Would love to see your pictures! Post them on my Instagram page www.instagram.com/byhester

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