Small bathroom styling tips

Real bathrooms give you real tips on how to decorate. No swanky wide angle studio shots but a real small space to show you some tips and tricks to make you room look bigger.

My bathroom is rather small, it has everything you need in it but the room looked very blend and boring. It was time for a make over! In this video I show you some things I changed to make the room look more interesting, have a look at this before and after.

As I live in a rental I didn't change any large pieces or the bathroom layout, just the style of the room. When you are on a small budget there is still so much you can do to spruce up a tired looking space. The biggest change in my bathroom are the patterned tiles. Don't be afraid to use bold patterns in a small spaces, as you can see the big graphic really opens up the room. And as the room is small it doesn't cost you a fortune either! My vinyl tiles are from and couldn't be easier to put down. They have a sticky back so you just cut them to size with a craft knife and press them onto the floor. I build a new frame around the bath and clad that with the same vinyl tiles. When you incorporate the biggest shape in the room,  in my case the bath, in the same pattern as the floor your room will really open up. If have a mini souk style bathroom now!

What is important when using a bold or bright pattern in a small space, make sure everything else is kept plain. Everything else in my bathroom is white, I have a white cupboard, white toilet, white bath and white shelves. I painted the wall a nice light sandy grey just to add a bit of warmth to the room. And I didn't use any other patterns in the room, as it would get to busy and you'll loose that open feel.

Have a look at my video for my small bathroom styling tips and tricks.

Do you have a small space you have done up to make  look bigger? I would love to see your pictures!         If you've seen anything in the video you would like a tutorial of please leave a comment either here or on the video.

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