Costomise your garden chairs

garden chair tumbnail.jpg

Lets all cheer as the sun is finally out, it feels way warmer and the weekend is supposed to get even better, hooray!! Time to dust of your BBQ and wipe the spider webs of your garden furniture, go outside and make the most of the spring sunshine!!

Did you know its super easy to turn your bog standard garden chairs into a cute bistro set? I gave my Ikea chairs a lick of paint and used fabric to decoupage the back rest, how cute do they look now?

You can use any fabric you like but the thinner the material the better the result. And as the decoupage/varnish glue makes it waterproof you can still keep your chairs out all year long. 

Have a look at the tutorial and have a go yourself this weekend!

Are there any other garden crafts you would like to have a go at? Leave a comment on this post and will see what I can come up with :)

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