Ikea Hack, malm bed into a four-poster

ikea hack web.jpg

Almost all my furniture is handmade or adjusted from existing pieces, and as I love Ikea there are quite a lot of Ikea hacks in my home!

My favorite Ikea hack is my bed, I really wanted a four poster but had a perfectly good Malm bed in my bedroom so what to do but up-cycle! The shape of the Malm lends itself perfectly for adjusting, its made out of wood and has sharp corners. Ideal for adding some heavy beams to.

I attached a book shelve behind the headboard, this conceals the beams and also gives you a space to store books or showcase a nice painting or some flowers. I made mine out of reclaimed timber that I gave a whitewash so it ties in with the bed but still keeps its rustic feel. And having this shelve means no bedside tables, opening up the space around the bed.

Have a look at the video to see how I adapted my Ikea Malm bed.

You can leave your four-poster the way it is for a clean, sharp look but I added a small drape on top to soften the strong lines. Simply sew two battens into a piece of thin cotton and your drape is done, couldn't be easier and if your bored of the white look, change it for a different pattern.

Have you ever adjusted your Ikea furniture? I would love to see your projects!

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