Be right back

BRB, omg have you used those 3 letters the last ten years?! They sounds so MySpace but will do the job as from now I’m on a break.

I’m taking a little break from the blog, I hope you don’t mind. You might have noticed that my video posting has been a bit sporadic this year as my latest book and my other work kept me rather busy. After writing 4 books back to back, 3 years of producing a weekly craft video and doing up my new house I need a little time off. Some time to get my craft mojo back and come up with some amazing ideas for you to build for your own home. 

I won’t take long, just a few weeks to get the creative juices flowing again and for me to redesign the website so I can bring you a lifestyle hub I envision Hester’s Handmade Home to be. 

If you can’t bear to go a month without your weekly Hester or Kermit update, lets face it he is way more popular then me, head over to my Instagram (@byhestergrams) or Twitter (@handmadehome) to see what we are up to.

If you have any suggestions what kind of video you would like to see please be in touch. In the mean time have a look at my back catalogue of tutorials. 

For Easter crafts go here, for up-cycling video click here, for my house updates playlist go here and for washi tape videos click here.

Hope you have a lovely Easter break and see you soon xxx Hester

Make your own mouse mat

Mouse mat diy, tutorial by

Finding a nice mouse mat for my office was a real task. I couldn't find anything I liked, I didn't want one of those gimmicky mats and didn't really liked a personalised photo one either. Then I thought for sure I can make my own one? I've been using the cactus print one for months now and love it! It was super easy to make and completely customisable to your decor. Have a look at the video below

I love using a large mat so I made mine a size XL but you can cut the cork any size you like. The placemat I used is an Ikea Avskild one, they are £3,50 for a pack of 4 so this is a super cheap craft as well! The cactus fabric is from Stoff&Stil I cant remember where the fish fabric is from but I think I bought it in the Sewing shop Canterbury. You can use any cotton fabric you have lying around and which colours would look great in your office.

Mouse mat diy by hesters handmade home
mouse mat diy by
make your own maouse mat by Hesters handmade home

What kind of fabric would you use? Would you go graphic or seasonal?

I'll be back next week with a new video, if you have any request please let me know x Hester

Ikea hack, dog bed

Ikea hack dog bed by

I thought it was time for an other Ikea hack and this time it's a cute one as it involves little Kermit the dog!

I love a storage crate, especially these Ikea ones. The Knagglig (how do you pronounce that?!) box is super versatile, I use it to store my camera equipment, I have boxes in my workshop to keep timber offcuts sorted and I use them in my wardrobe to store all my scarfs. I was looking at ones of the crates the other day and thought that with a simple adjustment it could be transformed into a great pet bed. Have a look at the video below to see how.

Super easy right? I recon your pet would love a crate bed!

Kermit is a rather large Jack Russell and he fits perfectly in this bed, anything bigger though and you might run out of space. You would have to look for a larger packing crate if you have a big dog. For cats and medium to small sized dogs this bed is perfect though.

You need a 46x31x25 cm sized Knagglig box, a screwdriver, pliers, a rectangle cushion insert (40x65 cm) , cotton fabric and a sewing machine. If you don't fancy making your own cushion cover you can of course use a ready made cover, this will make the crate hack an even faster/easier project! I used two different cottons for my cover, I really like the monochrome side but sometimes is nice to have a pop of neon pink in my interior so then I just turn the cushion over.

You cut your fabric a little bigger then the cushion insert, pin it together with the right sides facing, stitch together with your machine with a one cm seam and remember to keep a piece of 20 cm open so you can turn your fabric the right way round. Do that and stuff the cover with the cushion, then hand sew the opening closed you you have made your very own cushion cover.

Dog bed made from an ikea box, tutorial by
pet bed made from an Ikea storage box, tutorial by
Ikea hack dog bed by

What kind of pets do you have? Do you think they would like a new bed? I love the simple shapes of this crate bed and think it would look great in any modern interior. You could even put small furniture legs under the base to lift the bed a little. Large caster wheels would be great as well, unfortunately mister Kermit doesn't like wobbly surfaces so for him its better to leave the bed flat on the floor.

Ikea pet bed hack by
Knagglig pet bed hack by
Ikea box hack to dog bed tutorial by

I would love to see photo's of your pets in their crate beds! Please send some over or tag me in your Instagram shots, you can find me on @byhestergrams. I'll be back next week with a new video see you then! xx Hester and Kermit the Dog 

Photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek. Please ask before you share. This is NOT a sponsored post I simply love Ikea and their products. Ikea hack dog bed first appeared here on

The big bedroom makeover

the big bedroom makeover by Hesters Handmade Home

I while ago I posted a video about before I started my bedroom makeover, talking about everything i wanted to do and how I start a big project. I then posted video's off every build but just realised i've never showed you a proper before and after. So in today's video I give you a before and after look and do a handy round up of al the projects build. Go have a look

I love the new look bedroom! It went from dark and messy attic to a modern rustic bedroom. My favourite build must be the reclaimed doors wardrobe as it makes such a statement but I also really love the simplest of projects, the wall stickers next to the window. And then the accent wall with it's doodle wallpaper. I can't believe I haven't thought about making my own wallpaper sooner! Do any of the projects inspire you to start DIY'ing? Are you tempted to hack your rug with tassels or clad your bed in floor planks? I would love to know!

painted floor board, bedroom makeover hesters handmade home
Wall stickers, big bedroom makeover hesters handmade home
mid bedroom makeover, hesters handmade home

I didn't had anywhere in my house to put the bedroom furniture mid makeover so I just moved it from one side of the room to the other once the paint was dry :)

All the bedroom projects:

Wardrobe part 1: video and blog post
Wardrobe part 2: video and blog post
Ikea bed hack: video and blog post
The four poster bed hack you see briefly: video and blog post
Doodle wallpaper: video and blog post
Wall stickers: video and blog post
Rug hack: video and blog post
Layer your bedding: video and blog post

wardrobe with reclaimed doors by
And the same space before the wardrobe build!

And the same space before the wardrobe build!

Budget rug hack by
build in wardrobe with recaimed doors by
bedroom makeover by

If you live in the UK you might have spotted my bedroom makeover on the new ITV program The Home Game. I was featured on the 27th of februari in episode 1 you can catch it for the next 25 days over on the ITV hub, click the image below.

I'll be back next week with a new tutorial, hope to see you then! xx Hester

Photo's and video's of the big bedroom makeover by Hester van Overbeek, please ask before you share.




Decorate your windows with chalk markers

Decorate your window with chalk markers

I love Instagram, it's such a great medium to discover crafters and makers from all around the world. At the end of last year I came across the Window drawing account and absolutely loved it! 

You might have decorated your windows round Christmas time with some snow patterns are your kindergarten might have had illustrations all over the windows (mine were done in this rubbery paint that was real tricky to remove) But with illustrators Anke's great designs and some chalk markers you can have easily decorated windows all year round! Have a look at my video to see how I doodled on my lean-to window

It's that easy! A great project for the craft shy, you simply go to the website, purchase the design you like best, print, stick to the window and trace with a chalk marker. If you are fed up with your drawings you simply wipe them off with some window cleaner and doodle a new design. These drawings are great to create a bit more privacy if your window faces the street, I especially love the geometric patterns for this. Have a look at as besides these pots and vases Anke has a lot more designs on offer. You have your quotes, houses, hole cities and animals I'm very tempted to fill the hole window with spring birds for Easter! Another thing I really like are the school/daycare designs wouldn't it be great to draw an alphabet on the windows so your little ones can learn in a fun and creative way?

decorate your windows with chalk marker, tutorial by Hesters Handmade Home
Window drawings with designs from
Designs by

I must say it's real hard taking pictures of windows!! Hope the images are clear enough for you ;)

I'm in the midst of book deadlines but will try and post another video next week in the mean time have a look at my back catalogue of video's over on See you soon! xx

This is not a sponsored post I simply love this company. Video and photo's by Hester van Overbeek