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How to build a small daybed

How to build a small daybed

Yeah there is a new blog post! Sorry you had to wait such a long time. As you know I was on maternity leave and when I did go back to work I went straight into creating a new book. The book is all finished now (its looks amazing!) and can’t wait to show you. It doesn’t come out until April next year though so theres a bit of a wait, I will post a preview as soon as I’m allowed though so keep tuned!

I keep changes my rooms around and when I got ride of a big table there all of a sudden was space for some extra seating in my studio. Not lots of space though so I was struggling finding a sofa that fitted, a handmade build was in order! Have a look at the video below to see how I build my small daybed.

I love the look of the layered mattresses! I would normally order upholstery foam to make my own mattress but this actually worked out cheaper. The fabric that covers the mattresses in is from Cloth and candy, I love that shop, they have the best printed cottons.

You can make this daybed any size you like, you could use a full sized single mattress and build a longer bed. Great for when you have a guest staying over You can even layer the mattresses so when you put them on the floor it makes an extra double bed sleep spot.

Kermit and Kiki sure like the new build. I sometimes take the top mattress off and put it on the floor for Kiki to climb over. Most of the time she has to climb over a dog as well as Kermit loves anything soft I put on the floor :)

There is a cut list in the video but to make it easy for you here it is as a still image.

cut list for small day bed by Hesters Hanmdade home

This is the first of many new blog posts, hopefully one a week! If you have any request for tutorials please send me a message. Have you build anything from the website or my books? Tag me on social media! I love to see your creations.

Till next week, xx Hester

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