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Garden waste Trivet

I'm sad to say autumn is here :(

Oh how I love the summer days, long warm evenings and the ability to wear shorts every day. But hey the nice thing about having seasons is that you get a bit of a change and change is definitely here. It's dark at 7pm, its getting way cooler and my garden terrace is a meter deep in fallen leaves. 

While cutting back some of the trees last weekend I was thinking there must be lots of things I can make with all this garden waste. So here you go my first autumn craft of the year; how to make a twig trivet!

Its super simple to make, just make sure all your twigs are the same size, have a look at the instruction video.

Wouldn't this look great on your dining room table? Or for your hot pot of cocoa? You can even use longer side branches and make a very long trivet you can use as a table runner.

Are there any autumn crafts you are working on?

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