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Make Fabric Twine

Make Fabric Twine

I love collecting fabrics, my work room is stacked with all kinds of patterned and coloured cottons. I buy fabric for certain projects but you know when you walk past a fabric store and you just have to have a peek inside and never leave empty handed? Yeah I recon you are just like me ;)

I also always save the left over strips of fabric as you never know when they come in handy but this all leads to a massive mountain of cotton in my work room. To bring your stockpile down a bit way not make this great fabric yarn?

You need strips of fabric all roughly the same width, mine are 2 cm, and by simply twisting them together you create a whole new product you can use for knitting or crocheting.

I've used this twine as seating material on a footstool and it would look great on a chair as well. Make bracelets using the fabric twine or stich it together to create a placemat or rug, the sky is the limit :)

This is a great craft to do in front of the tv as not much thinking is involved, have a look at my instruction video to see how easy it is.

What do you think? Are you going to have a go? Would you go multi coloured like me or do you prefer to go monochrome?

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