Backsplash makeover with wallpaper

Part three of my four part kitchen makeover is here and look at that colour in the picture above! It's hard to believe the kitchen used to be beige, bland and boring.

When you think of a backsplash makeover you probably think of replacing the tiles or if you are on a budget get the tiles paint out to update the outdated tiles. Did you know there is another option? Something that is just as easy but with a way bigger impact? The answer is kitchen wallpaper! This pvc wallpaper is specially formulated to withstand the heat and dirt of your kitchen as it's safe to even use behind your stove, water resistant and easy to clean with just a damp cloth. Think of all the colour and pattern you can inject into your kitchen when you are not limited to just tiles anymore.

This great wallpaper is from Behang fabriek a Dutch online wallpaper retailer specialising in amazing prints and patterns. Their kitchen-walls range is truly unique as I have never come across a wallpaper you can use in the kitchen. This unbreakable pvc is also great for renters as the wallpaper is easy to removed and reused. The paper is thick and can easily cover little lumps and bumps in your wall. I papered straight over my tiles and just to be on the safe side I used a filler in the grout lines, it would be a shame to see tiles marks coming through the new design. This step isn't necessary but it will give you a cleaner look (of course you can't fill up the grout when you are a renter)

Have a look at the video to see how I used the wallpaper in my kitchen makeover

Don't you just love the design? It's by English designer Kirath Ghundoo, a well known name in wallpaper and surface pattern design. I just love the playfulness of the geometric shapes and blocks of colour, this pattern is called KG002 in the Behang fabriek shop. If you like the idea of using wallpaper over your tiles but are not keen on this pattern have a look on their website as they have a lot more designs to choose from. They do a concrete look, tiles patterns, abstract art, photo prints and lots more. They can even make your paper to size.

A little trip back in to time to see what my kitchen looked like before, can you believe the difference? All thats left to do is change to cupboard doors and the kitchen is finished!

kitchen before hesters house updates

What do you think of the kitchen so far? Like how much happier it looks? Are you tempted to update your own kitchen? I would love to hear your stories.

If you have missed the previous kitchen updates have a look at the kitchen floor and wall makeover here and the kitchen counter update here.

I'm back next week with an other Hester's House Update video, till then! xx Hester

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