Leather door handle DIY

leather door handle diy

Do you sometimes flip through a magazine and fall in love with a certain product? Then you spot the price and you think, what the ............?!  I had that when I flipped through a interior magazine and spotted leather pull handles used on kitchen cupboards. I was looking for a more unique handle for my new doors and thought these would look great, I didn't like it's price tag though, they were so expensive!

Especially as the handles are very basic and super easy to make yourself. I still had a piece of left over leather and within 5 minutes my cupboard door had a fancy pull, who needs shops hey ;)

To make the handles you need:

  • a piece of leather (or pleather) 
  • ruler
  • Stanley or craft knife
  • hole puncher
  • 2 bolts per handle with matching cap nuts
  • drill with wood piece

Have a look at my video to see how you make the handles

Super simple, right? Do you think you will make some yourself? Give your kitchen a little update? One handle takes 5 minutes to make so you will have your kitchen updated in an hour or so. As you can see my new kitchen cupboards are made of plywood, in next weeks video I will show you how I created the new doors and I promise you it's way easier then you think it is.

See you next week, x Hester

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