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Hester's House Updates: Kitchen makeover part 1

kitchen makeover

As the studio is coming together nicely I thought I switch my focus on to the kitchen as there is some TLC needed in there! There is nothing wrong with it and the space is definitely usable especially after we put new appliances in but stylish it ain't, cue a Hester's House Updates makeover!

Over the next few weeks I will give my little kitchen a proper facelift but without ripping anything out or spending a lot of money. In this first part you see me paint the walls to inject a bit of colour and change the floor by hiding the beige tiles under a stone effect vinyl. I love vinyl flooring as it's super easy to lay and easy to keep clean of food spills and mucky dog paws. Most people have a bad association with vinyl as it properly covered the floors of your student digs but there are so many great vinyl floors around at the moment. The one I used is from B&Q and it's the Colours natural stone effect easy click luxury vinyl. It really looks like a natural stone floor but because it's a vinyl it's way cheaper then a real stone floor and it's very easy to lay. I simply put it over the existing floor and the whole thing was done in an hour, a perfect little project while waiting for my paint to dry. Talking about paint, what do you think of the blue colour? The kitchen looks so much more fun now!

Before I jabber on too much have a look at the video to see the first part of the makeover.

What do you think? Do you like it? I love how the new floor makes the room look so much bigger and the blue walls make such such a difference. I used Cerulean skies from Valspar which is available in the UK at B&Q. Valspar really has the best colours and I had to stop myself taking a little colour card of every colour they do :) If you can't find your perfect shade within their big wall of colour Vaslpar can colour match any colour swap you give them. Your favourite dress, book cover or pillow case their machine will scan your sample and create your personalised colour. I put this to the test recently as I have never been able to find a jeans coloured paint, B&Q scanned my little piece of jeans fabric and a tester pot in the perfect hue of jeans blue came out of the machine. I was quite impressed as jeans is notoriously difficult to scan as of it's loose weave, go Valspar!

This was only part one of my four part kitchen transformation there is a lot more to come! I will show you in the next weeks video how you can change the look of your worktops without having to replace them all. Home makeovers that don't cost a fortune and that you can easily do yourself that's what we like here at Hester's Handmade Home :)

x Hester

photography and video by Hester van Overbeek, posted in partnership with B&Q; all views my own

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