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Make your own marble table!

Make your own marble table!

marble table makeover

If you saw last weeks video you would have heard me talk about a quick and easy table makeover well it is here. Turn on old table into a marble masterpiece.

This table will be my new desk, in the previous house I used it as my sewing table and although it looked fine with its polka dot cover it was in desperate need of a bit of style, queue the marble vinyl! I love using the sticky back film on plain pieces of wood giving it a complete different texture. I have used film with a metal print, a weathered wood effect and plain colours before but this marble is my absolute favourite yet. You can buy the film online or in any good DIY store, it comes in different widths, make sure you have one wide enough for your table top.

table makeover

The after picture isn't a styled shot as at the moment the table is the only finished piece in my studio! But if you have a close look at the beginning and end of the video you can see I made quite a bit of progress while waiting for the paint to dry :)

I love the new look of the table!  What about you? Have you worked with this sticky vinyl before? Would you use it to give your table a new look?

Next week I'm back with a Hester's House Updates video,

till then  x Hester

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