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Restyle your living room for winter

It got so cold over the last week!! I definitely cant ignore winter anymore so I thought it was time i restyled the living room in a more cozy winter look.

In the summer my house looks very nautical but all those light colours do look a bit cold in the winter, doesn't help that I live in the coldest house ever. So in the winter the sofa gets different covers, I change the curtains to a thicker fabric and faux fur items appear to give the room a more cozy look. We jokingly call the winter room our ski hut might just have to get a stag head to go on the wall ;)

Have a look at the video to see how I changed the look of my living room in just half an hour

Do you change things around in your house for winter? I just do a winter and summer look but do you add the other seasons in as well? I would love to know, in the mean time keep warm! I think its time for a hot choco :)

Lots of love Hester xx

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