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Organise: turn a book into a tablet holder

It's the last Thursday of January so also the last of my organise crafts, hopefully you're all set up now for the new year or at least maybe a little more organised ;)

I think this might be my favourite out of all the organise tutorials, I did love the Instagram year calendar as well but this book tablet holder looks so cute on my desk! Yes you read that right you can turn an old book into a tablet holder. My original idea was to make a tablet caddy out of a plank of wood all nice and sleek but then I thought wouldn't it be way nicer to use an old book? You can use any book you don't want to read anymore as long as it at least 4cm thick and wide enough to hold your tablet. Make sure the book has a great cover, this one I picked up from the secondhand bookstore has fabric cover full of little trees and birds. Can you believe it was only 20p, crazy! Thats 30 cents for you Americans, bargain right? The other things you need is some PVA glue, a stanley knife and a drill.

Have a look at the video to see how you can me your own

Super easy right? Okey it takes some time getting all the pages cut but its well worth the effort, how great would this look on your desk? At work or at home as it's a book its super portable. How would you make your own tablet organiser? Would you add more storage spaces?

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