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Make a solar lamp for your garden

Make a solar lamp for your garden

Now spring is approaching I can't wait for warmer evenings and spending more time in the garden. The days are getting longer but still it's dark way to early for me but with this cute solar light you can sit in garden, chat or read your book long into the evening.

I find it very tricky finding good looking solar lamps, they normally just come in the post variety or are a lantern shape. For me the garden is an extension of my living room so why not use normal table lights outdoors?

I had an Ikea Lampan light I didn't use anymore so I thought lets change it into a solar light! Super stylish and simple to make I might make a couple more.

You do need a drill and a jigsaw to create a space for the solar light piece and  in a plastic lampshade like this it isn't very easy but take your time and don't push on the drill/saw to hard and you should be fine.

Have a look at the video

I love the look of this solar table lamp, and as the sealant makes the lamp water proof it can stay outside year round. I'm thinking of making a solar standing light now, think that would look great next to the garden sofa. Do you make your garden into an outdoor living room as well? What are your favourite garden accessories?

Even in daylight this lamp looks great!

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