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Cheat your way in crafts: Quick 'upholstery' chair update

We all have a chair that is just so comfy but its look doesn't fit with your interior anymore. You don't want to ban it from your living room as the chair is still in good shape but it could do with an update. Of course there is reupholstering but on an arm chair like this that could be a bit tricky, I know as my mum made the striped cover a few years ago and getting the chair back together took forever and a couple of swear words ;)

Sending it off to be upholstered can be pricey so how would you like a cheat way of updating the chair that will only take you 5 minutes? Seriously the time between the before and after shot was 5 minutes! The new cover is attached properly so it will not fall off when you sit on the chair and it's still removable so if your not in the mood for a sheep rug anymore you can easily whip it off and change for a different colour or pattern.

Want to know how to do this quick, cheat, update? Have a look at the video

I told you it was super easy! A quick craft cheat you could do this weekend to change the look of your interior in a flash.

Next week I will be showing you a craft cheat for in the kitchen, I hope you enjoy my new series and please comment if you have any suggestions or cheats you would love to see.

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