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Outdoor bunting DIY


Hi guys, sorry there was no tutorial last week I was working in this beautiful landscape but unfortunately was cut of from any phone signal or wifi so couldn't upload my video. Besides writing craft tutorial for my website and magazines I also work as a hair&makeup artist and last week I found myself working in the Scottish highlands, isn't that view amazing!!

I'm back in the land of wifi now so here last weeks tutorial, how to make your own outdoor bunting.

I love having outdoor bunting in my garden cause even when the weather isn't great your outdoor space still looks festive. And as the flags are made from waterproof fabric you can leave the bunting out all year round!

You need a leftover piece of oilcloth (maybe from an old table protector?) a piece of rope and a sewing machine. Within 15 minutes you have a great decoration for your back yard.

If you want a little giggle keep your ears open for me trying to pronounce the word 'oilcloth' in the tutorial video....an impossible word for a Dutch person!!

Have a look at the video the find out how easy it is to make your own

Are you going to make some bunting this weekend? I would love to see your decorated gardens! Post your pictures on Instgram and tag me in it you can find me on @byhestergrams

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