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Make your own patterned tiles

Make your own patterned tiles

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Patterned tiles are a big trend in 2014, you see them anywhere from kitchen to bathroom to patios. I love the instant colour and bit of fun bold patterned tiles bring. Moroccan motives or Mexican prints a patterned brings happiness to your interior. Unfortunately they are rather pricey but did you know there is a very easy way to make these tiles yourself?

Apply a layer of glue varnish to your tile and stick on your chosen bit of paper, I find that magazine paper works really well. Apply another layer of varnish glue (ModPodge) on top of your tile, let this dry and repeat with another coat 3 times. And thats it!! I told you it was easy :)

I used my tiles to decorate the top of my kitchen island but you can also use the tiles as coasters, just put a bit of felt on the bottom.

Have a look at my instruction video in my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/handmadehome

I would love to see your hand decorated tiles! Leave a comment or send them to my Instagram account ByHesterGrams, or to my Twitter HestersHandmade.

Happy crafting!

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