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The Scandinavian Home book review and photo frame hack

The Scandinavian Home book review and photo frame hack

I love reading, or shall we say flipping through, interior books. Some give a bit of inspiration but most of them have images you have seen before on Pinterest. But then every now and then a book comes along that is so fresh and inspiring you just want to tell everybody about it. The Scandinavian Home by Niki Brantmark is such a book, beautifully shot images of amazing Scandinavian homes that will make you want to redecorate your home right away.

the Scandinavian home by Niki Brantmark

You might know Niki from her blog my Scandinavian home, this is her second book and I think she's on top form. In the Scandinavian Home Niki focusses on the most important thing in Scandi homes and that is daylight. Scandi's are inspired by light probably as they have so much of it in the summer and hardly any in the winter when they have to maximise the most of what they got. Nature and weather are two other major influences when it comes to their interiors. Homes are made warm and cozy (do I hear you say hygge?) for the long winter months. 

You can see this in my interior design too, I love making the most of the light that streams into my home. In fact having natural day light, and lots of it, was one of my only criteria when looking for a home. In the December months I don't do much regarding Christmas decorations but try and make my interior feel as cozy and warming as possible. Maybe I am a true nordic by heart :)

My favourite chapter in the book are the Rural retreats, hello beautiful log cabin! And the modern beach house is simply stunning, have a look at my favourite pictures from the book. All these are shot by James Gardiner (who also shoots all my books)

The Scandinavian Home by Niki Brantmark, book review by www.hestershandmadehome.com

All interior Photography by James Gardiner, images from The Scandinavian Home by NikiBrantmark © CICO Books (£19.99)

Besides jealous making homes I also noticed a picture in the book that reminded me of a photo frame I made for an Ikea shoot a few months ago. A super simple frame hack that gives you a bit more rustic charm in your interior. All you need is an old photo frame, some string (a drill for the small frame) and little pegs or bulldog clips. Have a look at the video below to hear me chat a little more about the book and to see how easy it is to make the photo frames.

How simple is that to make! I really liked the little frame in the Scandinavian Home book and having your photo frames like this makes it even easier to change your pictures around. The large photo frame is on my desk and is perfect for mood boards when I'm working on a new project. On birthdays and at Christmas I fill the string with postcards, but at the moment I am rather liking my Kermit the Dog collage :D

Niki's book is available worldwide in any good book store and online, to see more about her work pop over to my Scandinavian home.

Two posts in one! You are lucky this week ;) Please tune in again next week when I'm back with a new video, in the mean time keep sending in your craft and DIY requests, love hearing from you! x Hester

Interior photos by James Gardiner, images from The Scandinavian Home by Niki Brantmark © CICO Books (£19.99) All other photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek

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