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Easy make planter

Easy make planter

Hi guys! Hope you're having a lovely summer and are enjoying your holidays, days trips and empty commuter trains. I took a week of work and had a little staycation, a week of doing nothing but hikes, lounge in the garden and read magazines. It was bliss! After that I took another two weeks of the blog, a little blogcation so to speak but that all has finished now and I'm back!!

And my first tutorial after my break is an easy one, you can make this planter in 15 minutes! You have to then wait a day for the glue to dry but it is that simple! Have a look at just how easy in the video below

Only thing you need are 5 tiles, all the same size, and a bit of glue. My tiles are from Topps Tiles, I bought them last year but I think they are still available. I used them around my fireplace and just love all the different patterns the tiles have. The Moroccan design looks great with this tall succulent but it would look equally nice with a cactus or a fern.

The tiles I used are 10 cm wide, the perfect size for a small plant but you can use any sized tiles you have lying around. Like I said in the video you can even make a large version for your garden if you use concrete pavers. Just drill a hole in the bottom and use a very strong adhesive.

What kind of tiles would you use for your planter? Would you use a pattern or go for a plain colour?

I'll be back next week with a new tutorial, please keep sending your suggestions in I love hearing from you guys! 

Have a lovely summer xx Hester



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