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Mountain wall

Mountain wall

Since I moved into my new place I kept everything in my studio white as it’s the perfect backdrop to shoot against. I decorate the walls with posters, photo’s or hang some wallpaper up with tape when I have to change it’s appearance for a photoshoot. But after a year and a half of bare walls I wanted a bit more colour in my workspace.

I had to shoot a project for a magazine that needed a fun room look, initially I was looking into other places to shoot this but then I thought why not paint my own wall instead? I could do with a bit more colour in the studio anyway. And the good thing about paint? You can easily go over it again when you are fed up with your colour choice or in my case need a different look for a shoot.

I was looking into painting stripes or geomatric shapes but then I thought why not bring the outside in and pretend I live in a log cabin (thats the dream folks!) and paint some mountains on my wall!

I like using Valspar wall paints as they have a great colour selection and most often you only need one coat to get a good coverage. I headed off to my local B&Q to go to my happy place, the paint sample aisle! Rows and rows of colourful cards with quirky names await you there, but which one to choose? I knew I didn’t want blue as that is my default colour and I was debating between a soft mustard, a blush coral and two soft greens when I let an inpatient boyfriend choose between the colour cards in my hands and Young Cactus it was. Great name for a paint btw, if I can’t choose a paint colour I want to use I’m often swayed by it’s name :) 

Have a look at how easy it is to paint a mountain range on your wall in the video below

What do you think? Like the pop of green I have on my wall now?

It’s only a small piece of wall, roughly 2 meters long, but the hint of colour really made an impact into the room. Tempted to get the paint brushed out yourself? Would you paint mountains as well or would you go for something more abstract? Would love to see how you have added a bit of colour to your interior.

I’ll be back next week with a small stitch project, do keep sending in your craft and diy requests, see you next week xx Hester


All views are my own, this is not a sponsored post I just love using Valspar paints. All photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek.

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