Tree slice table

tree slice table hester

Interior magazine and show rooms are full of botanical themed furniture pieces and decorations for next season. As you probably noticed nature is a big trend for 2016. Perfect for me as I decided last year I really wanted a cozy botanical feel for my new living room.

Some of you eagle eyed readers spotted this new little side table in my photo wallpaper mural post of two weeks ago. I love the look of the rough wood slab and the bark that is still attached on the outside of the slice, together with its quirky vintage legs this is a very stylish and on trend table and shall I tell you a little secret? The table is super easy to make!

tree slice table hester

The tree slab used to be a cake stand but I did't had much use for it so I decided to change it into a side table. The texture of the bark really ads to the botanical feel in my living room and aren't those table legs cute? I went to my local reclamation yard to look for 3 legs of the same height, roughly 20cm. I thought it would be fun to use tree different legs for this table but then I came across these beauties. I love that they have small wheels so the table is easy movable and the black 'socks' make these legs look very quirky. They only cost me Β£3 and I payed around Β£1 for the T-nuts so all in all this table only cost me Β£4! A fraction of the price if I would have bought the table in an interior shop.

Make sure the tree slice you use is dried and debugged, you don't want to bring any bugs into your home. If wood dries to quick it will crack so buy a slice that has been seasoned correctly to limit the changes of your table top splitting. My top is around 6cm thick and I wouldn't go any thinner then this. Have a look at my video to see how to make your own table.

Didn't I say that it was easy? You will have this table made within 15 minutes, I'm tempted to make a whole lot more!

I was doubting a bit if I should make this video as the words tree and three are very tricky to pronounce with my accent. Three legs for the tree slab is super tricky for me to say :D But I love this table so much and I really wanted to share with you all how super easy it is to make that hopefully you understand what I'm talking about in the video.

What do you think, will you be making a tree slice table yourself? Do you have words you can't pronounce ;) I'll be practising me tree's and three's and will see you all next week!

xx Hester

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