Hand letter your own wallpaper

Hand letter your own wallpaper with this tutorial by www.hestershandmadhome.com

Yeah first tutorial of the year!! You had to wait a few weeks but it's a good one :) I'm currently working on book 4 and all my time is spend building projects and writing tutorials.Busy, busy, busy but I'm back from today with even more DIY inspiration for 2017 :D

If you follow my Youtube channel you will have spotted the video I posted on the 1st of January, the first episode of my new series Cities of Craft, a project I really hope to develop this year. The first episode is all about Zoe Murphy and her wonderful studio in Margate, UK. While interviewing I spotted a piece of paper stuck to her wall full of beautiful hand lettered words, at that moment I was doing up my bedroom and was looking for a wallpaper for an accent wall but couldn't find any that I liked. That piece of paper got me thinking maybe I can just make my own? Have a look at the video to see how I just did that!

What do you think? Do you like my accent wall? Tempted to get your sharpies out and start doodling? I really do love the wallpaper and the best thing? It only cost me a few pounds to make! It's probably the cheapest wall in my house, how's that for a January low budget make :)

Make your own hand lettered and doodled wallpaper, tutorial by www.hestershandmadehome.com

I lined the wall with lining paper first that then got a coat of white paint (the same as the rest of the walls) You can of course doodle directly onto the wall but if you ever want a change of decor the black marks will be very difficult to paint over. Now if I want a different look for the bedroom I can just rip the wallpaper off the chimney breast and repaint. I initially wanted to paint the words on but didn't like the look paint gave me and way preferred the clean lines of a sharpie. The W10 Sharpie has a chiseled tip which makes the hand lettering very easy. I wrote some English and Dutch words, some fun quotes and I doodled arrows, trees and bikes. Just all stuff that makes me happy and I like to see when I wake up.

Doodle wallpaper, a very simple project by www.hestershandmadehome.com
Make your own doodle wallpaper in this tutorial by hester's Handmade Home
The inspiration, the sheet of paper in Zoe Murphy's studio

The inspiration, the sheet of paper in Zoe Murphy's studio

Doodle and hand lettered DIY wallpaper by www.hestershandmadehome.com

What doodle is your favourite? I got a couple, of course love the Captain Kermit drawing :) Also really like the narwhal quote (Always be yourself unless you can be a narwhal then always be a narwhal) the 'no home is complete without dog hair' quote and the 'Get off the internet' I know controversial for a blogger/Youtuber but I do think we should all log off more and enjoy the outside :) What would you doodle on your walls? Do you have a favourite quote?

I'll try to post a new project next week but as I'm shooting for the new book it might get a bit tricky. Do let me know if you have any DIY request for the new year. Hope you have a great day   x Hester

Photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek, the hand letter your own wallpaper tutorial first appeared here on www.hestershandmadehome.com



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