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Kitchen repaint

Kitchen repaint

kitchen repaint with valspar paint, video by www.hestershandmadehome.com

When I talk about DIY I always say to 'just do' to have a go and if it doesn't work out to just start again. Wooden structures can be taken apart, yarn can be unraveled and paint can be painted over. Sometimes you just have to give something a go and see where it takes you. Take my kitchen makeover, end of last year I transformed my old, stuck in the 70's bland kitchen into a plywood heaven. I clad the cupboard in plywood, painted to countertop to look like granite, installed a new floor, changed the back splash for a colourful kitchen wallpaper and painted the walls a bright blue. If you missed that vlog episode have a look here.

I love the colour blue and had lots of blue accents in my previous home but a couple of months after the makeover the blue didn't work for me anymore. I don't know if my style changed or because the kitchen walls were one of the first things I did in the new house but the blue was annoying me a little more everyday. I also never really liked my new kitchen floor as I didn't think it went with everything else so it was time for a repaint!

kitchen before and after by www.hestershandmadehome.com

As the blue was pretty bright I thought I should go for a proper paint and choose the premium wall&ceiling paint of Valspar, this paint has a primer build in so no prep work needed. But what colour to choose? I knew I wanted to go white but not to bright and something that went with the floor. After staring at all the white options in my local B&Q i chose the one with the best name, legit choice making skill right? ;)

The colour I went for is called Shetland sweater and is a very soft grey, so soft that you can only tell it has a bit of grey in on the spots I accidentally painted the white ceiling a little. Have a look at the video to see how I got on repainting.

What do you think? Do you like the new colour scheme or do you prefer the blue? I think the kitchen looks a lot fresher now and the floor and plywood tie in nicely now. The patterned backsplash wallpaper also stands out so much more now and the whole room just looks a bit more Scandi, it goes perfectly with the rest of the downstairs. I did leave a little bit of the wall blue though, in the shape of a big rectangle around my Ikea shelves, a little colour pop in my now white kitchen.

kitchen repaint with valspar paint by www.hestershandmadehoem.com
Scandi style kitchen makeover by www.hestershandmadehome.com

My quirky pottery got its own shelf now, the white backdrop shows them off perfectly. The blue was always to over powering to have my animal jugs and pots on display but now they add a bit of personality to the space. I can't believe the repaint was so simple, just two coats of paint made the bright blue disappear. Are there any area's in your house you would like to change the colour off? Doing the kitchen took me one afternoon and it made me so happy, I should have repainted it weeks ago.

I'll be back with a new video next week in the mean time have a look at my other house update video's below. See you next week! x Hester

Photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek, no images to be used without permission, this isn't a sponsored post all views are my own, kitchen repaint first appeared here on Hester's handmade home.

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