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Branch light tutorial

Branch light tutorial

branch light

Besides making videos for my Youtube channel, writing tutorial for magazines and books I also make video's for other websites like this Branch Light tutorial I did for the Utopia Hub a while ago. I love this light stand so much!! And the great thing is you can use it indoors and outside.

Specially now the evenings are getting so much shorter, I can't believe its dark already at 8pm! You really could do with a little standing light next to your outdoor bench. The blue and white lampshade you see in the picture is a solar light, handy so you don't need any outdoor sockets. Have a look for solar lanterns they can be found in almost any DIY and garden store or have a look at Ikea they sell some great ones. Fancy bringing the outside in? Use the branch with a light bulb wired to a colourful fabric wire. 

So go gardening this weekend and get yourself a nice branch to turn into a light! Have a look at the video below to see how you can make your own lamp stand.

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