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Hester's guide to Power Tools: the Drill Driver part 2

how to use a drill

As you might now I started a new series on the YouTube channel, Hester's guide to Power Tools. As to my ignorance a lot of girls still don't like using power tools in their DIY projects, of course I want to change this!! Power Tools are so easy to use as long as you know what you are doing and you keep some safety aspects in mind. 

Two weeks ago I showed you what all the buttons on your drill driver do, this week it's time for the video's follow up, How to use your drill on wood and on brick. In this short video I show you some safety point you have to keep in mind when drilling, what wood drill bits are, why you pre-drill a hole and how you drill into a wall. If you first the first video you can simply scroll down to find it or click on this link.

I hope these video's will make you feel more secure into using your drill driver

If you have any suggestions or question regarding the drill driver or if you want to request an other power tool to be featured please let me know.

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Next week I'll be back with a new make tutorial, till then xx Hester

Branch light tutorial

Branch light tutorial

Hester's guide to power tools: how to use a drill driver

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