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Hester's guide to power tools: how to use a drill driver

guide to power tools

I found something out last week which caught me by surprise, a lot of girls don't like using power tools! They still ask their partners to do all the DIY work around the house that requires a drill or jigsaw. And there I was thinking in our day and age in the western world there is no such thing anymore as girls stuff and boy stuff, how naive off me and how very wrong. 

Last week I hosted a workshop in West Elm to celebrate the launch of my book Furniture Hacks, we made one of the projects from the book and turned plates into clocks. Some of the girls and women where a bit shocked when they saw they had to work with a power tool as they had never worked with a drill before! So there I was in my high heels and lipstick explaining how to use a drill and that got me thinking I should do a series for you on the blog about the essential power tools and how to use them. We were joking that I should rename my blog lipstick and power tools but that might bring the wrong crowd in ;)

So to kick the new series off a quick guide to the most essential power tool of all, the drill driver. 

I hope this video makes you feel a bit more comfortable using your drill driver and gets you DIY-ing! If there are any other tools or techniques you would like to know more about please let me know and I will incorporate your questions into future videos. Like I said in the video  I will do a follow up video on how to drill in different materials and will also talk about safety while DIY-ing on a separate occasion.

Next week I'm back with a normal tutorial, until then happy crafting! x Hester

Hester's guide to Power Tools: the Drill Driver part 2

From the Furniture Hacks book: Make a magazine table

From the Furniture Hacks book: Make a magazine table

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