Pompom trim cushion covers

pompom trim cushion covers, easy tutorial by hesters handmade home

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my dad and I build a new bench for my garden. We are getting pretty good in using decking boards for outdoor builds as this is our second garden bench. The first one unfortunately had to stay in the garden of my old house as it was to big to fit through the front door and the screws were to rusty to be taken apart, the down fall of living by the sea every thing rusts super fast! I came up with a new design and over my Easter break my dad and I build a great new garden seating (for a picture scroll down to the end of this post) 

Of course a new bench needs new cushions. My old ones still looked okey but I wanted a different colour scheme for my new garden, the last covers (you can see them in my furniture hacks book!) were multi coloured and multi patterned but in my now much smaller garden I though I needed something simpler. I still wanted a little injection of fun though so I came up with these denim covers with a bright pompom trim what do you think?

I love how toned down the denim is but with the use of the different trims the cushions have a touch of boho about them. Of course I had to do some upcycled denim as well, I love using old jeans in my crafts and have previously turned them into a bench cover, rug, garlands and a toiletry bag.  When you have worn to many holes in your jeans they can still be used to decorate your home :) 

For the jeans cushions I simply stitched pieces of old jeans together until I had enough to make my panels, you could also do this with other fabrics like favourite T-shirts that have been washed to much or even baby clothes. Which cushions do you like most the plain denim ones or the upcycled jeans covers?

If you would like to pin this post for future reference please feel free to grab the image below. Check out Mister Kermit, he claimed one of the upcycled cushions as his the moment I put it down! :)

Pompom trim cushion covers, made from denim and old jeans. Tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home

- All photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek, music by Ben sounds. The Pompom trim cushion cover tutorial was first seen on www.hestershandmadehome.com -

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