Fabric twine vase

Do you remember the fabric yarn I made some weeks ago? Its a great way to use up all your scrap bits of fabric you have lying around. Thinking what I could make out all the meters of twine I produced my first thought was a rug. You just have to start rolling the twine up and use the zig-zag stitch on your machine to keep everything together, good idea but I don't think the multit tone twine would look good in my living room.

Another idea was placemats, you make them in a same way as a rug but just smaller, been thought that was a bit obvious to use the twine for. So I came up with this cute little vase! Super quick to make and really makes some cheap bargain bin flowers look beautiful.

You could use the vase for other things as well, like a place to keep all your pens together on your desk or what about to stick your cutlery in for a diner party?

Have a look at the tutorial video, its so simple you can make a couple in half an hour.

Did you miss the original fabric twine post? Have a look at the video here

Do you think you will use your twine to make a vase? Or are you going to use it for something else?

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