Ikea crafts, make a scented pot holder

I do love a cup of tea, it's the best way to start your day and come 3pm I crave another cup. Maybe its a Dutch thing but since I was little three in the afternoon meant cup of weakish black tea. Not the dark overly brewed stuff they drink here in the Uk, a nice almost see through cup of earl grey will do me fine.

Another thing I remember from drinking tea when I was small was that my mum always had the teapot on a cinnamon scented holder. The moment the hot tea pot touched the piece of stuffed fabric you were hit by the lovely scent of warm cinnamon, prefect for this time of year. 

I made this scented pot holder tutorial for Ikea family live magazine when they were over photographing my house earlier this year. If you have missed the full article on my home read it  here. I used Ikea's  Blavinge fabric, its a deep blue cotton with white insect printed all over it, perfect for small projects like these. Ikea has a great selection of fabrics and at only £4 a metre this bug infested cotton isn't going to break the bank either.

I waited until now to post the video as I think its a perfect winter craft, wouldn't these make great stocking fillers? Or a very nice and personal hostess gift? 

Not a big fan of cinnamon and aniseed? You can use dried lavender or sage as well or what about a twig of rosemary? What fragrance would you use?

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