Make your own mouse mat

Mouse mat diy, tutorial by

Finding a nice mouse mat for my office was a real task. I couldn't find anything I liked, I didn't want one of those gimmicky mats and didn't really liked a personalised photo one either. Then I thought for sure I can make my own one? I've been using the cactus print one for months now and love it! It was super easy to make and completely customisable to your decor. Have a look at the video below

I love using a large mat so I made mine a size XL but you can cut the cork any size you like. The placemat I used is an Ikea Avskild one, they are Β£3,50 for a pack of 4 so this is a super cheap craft as well! The cactus fabric is from Stoff&Stil I cant remember where the fish fabric is from but I think I bought it in the Sewing shop Canterbury. You can use any cotton fabric you have lying around and which colours would look great in your office.

Mouse mat diy by hesters handmade home
mouse mat diy by
make your own maouse mat by Hesters handmade home

What kind of fabric would you use? Would you go graphic or seasonal?

I'll be back next week with a new video, if you have any request please let me know x Hester

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