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Carpet bag tutorial by Hesters Handmade Home

You see the bag in the banner? That bag cost me £5.50 to make how amazing is that? A great looking unique bag for the price of two coffees :)

Last week I was browsing my favourite interior shop West Elm when I came across some amazing carpet samples in their sale section. I love West Elm rugs as most of them have amazing colours and patterns so I knew I wanted to use these samples for something. At first I thought to just turn them into cushions or a dog bed for Kermit but then I thought carpet bag!

Shops that sell rugs and carpets will most likely also have carpet samples for sale. You normally take the sample home to see if the rug goes with your interior and if you like it you get your money for the sample back when you purchase the rug. Some carpet shops might even give the samples from discontinued lines away for free so it's always worth checking with the shop owner. Have a look for two carpet samples with great patterns that are the same size. The two samples I used are a different thickness, one is a kelim and the other a woven wool rug but that doesn't matter as long as they are the same width and height.

Have a look how I made this great bag

Not too tricky right? And the bag will also make for a great Christmas present! Why not get lots of samples and make everybody a bag :)

How funny is little Kermit? He just didn't want to leave the bag alone and as soon as I took him out of it he tried to climb back in, that dog would do anything to get his picture taken! Just to be clear I would never cary my dog around in a bag but good to know my stitching is strong enough to hold a 8kg dog :)

Turn two carpet smples into a great bag, tutorial by Hester's handmade Home
Carpet bag tutorial, great handmade present that doesn't cost much to make. Tutorial by
carpet bag tutorial by
Carpet bag tutorial, dog not included :)
Turn two carpet samples into a great bag, tutorial by
carpet bag tutorial by

Do you like using carpet samples in your makes? Would love to see what you have used them for! I'll be back next week with a new tutorial, do let me know if there are any specific Christmas crafts or handmade present you would like me to feature. And don't forget you have till November 30th to vote for me in the VTWonen blogger competition ;D (see my previous post if you have trouble understanding the Dutch website)

x Hester

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