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Hester's House Updates: Toilet makeover part 2, painted vinyl floor

Hester's House Updates: Toilet makeover part 2, painted vinyl floor

toilet makeover vinyl floor

It seems like you guys loved last weeks toilet makeover as much as I did! And this week I've finished the whole look by updating the tired looking vinyl that was on the floor. Have a look at the pictures above, I can't believe how much bigger the toilet look after a lick of paint and some magazine wallpaper!

If you missed last weeks wall makeover scroll to the post below or follow this link. Being a magazine addict payed off with this toilet transformation as I have stacks and stacks of torn out pages that were just sitting in a box waiting to be used . And now you always have something the read while on the loo ;)

The walls looked great after last weeks video but the floor still needed some serious attention. If you have an ex rental home like me you probably have floors covered in vinyl. It is a very cheap and easy way of covering the floor boards. There are some beautiful vinyl floors for sale but a lot of landlords go for the cheap stuff resulting in tacky looking floors. But don't worry the floor on the right side of the banner is achieved with just a lick of paint. Indeed you read that right, just some paint! You can paint vinyl with certain floor paints, I used Dulux floor paint in Goose Down for my toilet. It needed a few coats but the result is amazing! Have a look at the video to see how I achieved this look.


I don't know yet how good the paint will hold up but will do an update in a few weeks time. Are you tempted to paint your dated vinyl? There are some great colours available, you could even give your floor a striped or blocked effect by using two shades. 

Do you remember the bathroom update I did in my previous house? I used vinyl tiles to update the whole room have a look here.

Next week i'm back with a new House Update video, until then xx Hester

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