Knitted Rug tutorial

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Kermit the dog is enjoying my new knitted rug, keeps his paws nice and cozy in this freezing weather :)

The rug is made out of knitted squares of Zpagetti yarn, my all time favorite craft product! And no this isn't a sponsored post, I genuinely think the yarn from Dutch company Hoooked is an incredible all round product. I've used it to make cushion covers, to upholster a food stool, I used it for bracelets and now a knitted rug.  Hoooked Zpagetti yarn is a cotton product, left over bits from the clothing industry that they cut to size and stitch together making one long thread. Have a look at all their colours on

Start by knitting a square, mine are roughly 20x20cm. Cast on 18 stitches but bare in mind the yarn varies in thickness maybe you have to add or deduct some stitches. And start knitting, have a look at my tutorial video if you need some help casting on and knitting.

As it takes only 30 minutes to knit a square this makes for a great evening, TV watching, sofa hanging project. Knit a square whenever you fancy and soon you have enough to turn into a rug.

Make as many squares as you need for your size rug, mine ended up being 4 squares wide and 3 squares high. To turn your squares into a rug you need to weave them together, you do this by attaching a bit of yarn to a square and weave this through the loops of another square. Have a look at the video for a clear example.

Weave all your squares together and you have a very unique handmade rug!!

Feel inspired to start knitting with Zpagetti yarn? Please show me your creations on Instagram ByHestergrams.

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