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Hand printed fabric, lobster style

Hand printed fabric, lobster style

hand printed fabric tutorial by hester's handmade home

Sometimes you have a certain fabric in your head, a piece of cloth that will turn your next project from ok-ish to extraordinary cause of its fab print. Well I've been searching high and low for that fabric but haven't been able to find it!

For a project I'm working on I'm in need of some cool nautical style cotton or linen, so far all I can find is childish, naff or completely out of my budget so I thought why not make my own? All you need is a good stamp and some ink and a custom made piece of fabric is yours!

lobster stamp by the English stamp company, used in a handprinted fabric tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home
hand printed lobster fabric, tutorial by hester's handmade home

The lobster stamp is from the English stamp company, they have a great selection of animal, botanical en personalised stamps. My stamp is 4 inches (10cm) big and besides printing paper and fabric is also great as a wall stencil. If you rather have a finer print on your fabric the lobster is also for sale as a 1 or 2 inch stamp. The cherry pink ink is from VersaCraft, I used the multipurpose water-based pigment ink which is super easy to use and can be heat set for permanency. Have a look at my video to see how easy it was to create a meter of printed fabric.

What do you think of my pink lobsters? Super easy to make right? Like I said in the video I can't tell you just yet what I'm using the cotton fabric for but I think I might use the linen tester piece as a napkin or make it in to a pillow case.

I love the look of the pink against the beige textured linen. Would you be tempted to make your own fabric? What kind of stamp would you use? If you would like to pin this tutorial for future reference please feel free to use the image below.

Print your own fabric, tutorial by Hester's handmade home

I'll be back next week with a new video, in the mean time have a look on my Instagram (@byhestergrams)  to see what other projects I'm working on x Hester

-Photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek. All views are my own, this is not a sponsored post. The lobster printed fabric tutorial first appeared on Hester's Handmade Home-
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