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Hester's House Updates, office reveal


A little treat for you this Sunday afternoon, an extra Hester's House Updates post! There is so much going on in my studio at the moment and so many DIY projects to share with you that I have to start posting twice a week now :)

You might have caught a glimpse of my office space in Thursday's Ikea Ivar hack video but here my desk space in its full glory.  A quick reminder what the studio looked like 6 weeks ago, we had a wall removed, the floor boards where up as the joists had to be replaced, we had radiators moved and every wall needed a lick op paint but look at it now I have a place to work from. I must say writing this behind my desk is so much nicer then trying to balance my computer on my lap.

The office makeover started with my Instagram 'Build a bookcase in a day' challenge. if you follow me (I'm @byhestergrams) you would have seen my progress throughout one day designing and building my bookcase and I must say that wasn't the easiest of builds as non of my walls are straight. Every plank had to be tapered to fit the uneven shape. I originally wanted an Ikea Kallax bookcase above my build ins but unfortunately the dimensions were wrong so I just build my own ;) I did make some of the shelves the size of the Kallax so it would fit it's inserts, I used a drawer unit and a door unit to give the shelves some hidden storage space. Have a look at the pictures that have appeared on Instagram.

bookcase hester ikea

My own custom build, Ikea inspired bookcase. Great for storage, display and the white boxes keep all the things out of sight you don't want to see. Curious bout the other builds? Have a look at my vide below

desk divider marble

The marble table was a tutorial a few weeks back, if you missed it have a look at how you turn an old table into a stylish marble desk here. The desk now also has a desk divider, super handy for extra storage and for keeping your work space need and tidy. The space underneath is great for notebooks and baskets while the space on top is great for your pens, pencils and to use as art display. You will have the divider made within an hour and I used up left over pieces of furniture board and the marble vinyl left over from the desk transformation. You need: 

  • one piece of wood/furniture board of 1mx15cm
  • one piece of hardboard 1mx10cm
  • five pieces of wood/furniture board 23cmx15cm
  • marble sticky back vinyl
  • drill plus screws
  • small nails and hammer

You start by covering the wood pieces with the vinyl, this is way easier to do before you assemble the piece and the little screw holes you will be making will be covered later. Then pre drill 2 holes on either ends of the wood and screw in the two outer spacers. Work out where you want the other three spacers to go and also pre drill holes for them and screw in place. Place your hard board on the back of your divider this will give your build a bit of extra stability. Nail in place with small nails. Cut little circles from your left over vinyl and cover up all the screw holes. If the photo's in the video went to quick for you have a look at the same images below.

What do you think? Do you like my build for that extra bit of office storage ? What do think of having a board of OSB in your room? Do you like its texture or would you paint it white to go with the wall? Would love to know what you think.

Thursday I'm back with part 2 of my kitchen update, hope to see you then.

xx Hester

Painted kitchen counters with Giani Granite

Painted kitchen counters with Giani Granite

Hester's House Updates: Ikea Ivar hack

Hester's House Updates: Ikea Ivar hack

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