Chocolade egg bouquet, Easter crafts

Easter crafts, chocolade egg bouquet. Super cute and a great hostess gift for easter, tutorial by Hester's Handmade Home

Only two more weeks till Easter, is your house filled with chocolade eggs yet? I've been very good this year haven't even got myself a cream egg yet! But things might change with these cute chocolade egg bouquets....

How cute are these little bouquets? Wouldn't they be the most perfect hostess gift? The bouquets are super easy to make so a great project to get your kids or nieces and nephew involved in. We used to make these when I was little, my aunt and uncle owned a bakery and we often went up before Easter to help make the chocolade egg decorations. I remember my mum and aunt making the big eggs and me and my sister helped out with the little bouquets, well don't know if we really were a big help but in my mind we were ;) I gave the bouquets my own modern spin have a look at how to make your own.

I made a pink bouquet from smaller chocolade eggs, back home you can get them with a lot of different fillings but here in the UK I only can seem to find the plain chocolade ones. If you know where they sell the praline, hazelnut, advocaat, truffle, butterscotch, or coffee eggs please let me know! The purple bouquet in the image above is made from bigger eggs you use for an egg hunt, I do think the smaller eggs make for a nicer bouquet. The purple bouquet is a bit floppy, the pink one is a lot neater. I made my small pink bouquet from 12 eggs but you can make the bouquet a lot bigger!

Do you have any nice plans for Easter? A big get together with family and friends? Or an Easter egg hunt? I do love a hunt, they are a big family tradition even when there where no little ones around the whole family still went out into the woods in search for those hidden eggs ;)

For more Easter craft inspiration have a look at my Easter crafts playlist over on my Youtube channel. If you're looking to pin this post for future inspiration please grab the image below.

Did you see there is a new episode in the Drawn to DIY series? Hand lettered and illustrated craft tutorials by illustrator Jasmine Parker and me, you can find the Mason jar chandelier episode here. I'll be back next week with another tutorial see you then xx Hester

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