Crafting with Mason jars

crafting with Mason Jars

I can finally give you a little peek into my new book Crafting with Mason jars!! I started work on this book at the end of last summer and couldn't wait to show you some of it's project as I think there are some great ones in there :) And today is the day I can show you what I've been up to last year!

The book will be published on the 10th of March and should be available in any good bookstore in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada and you can already preorder it on Amazon in case you want to be the first to get your copy. 

Have a look at the video the see some of the amazing images James Gardiner shot for the book, I had so much fun styling these shots and used a lot of textured wood, plants and vintage linens to give the book an organic feel. The book has step by step illustrations by Jasmine Parker, an artist I found via a Twitter shout out, am so pleased she answered my tweet as her style goes perfect with the feel of the book.

What do you think? Do you like it? Like I said in the video I love using jars for my up-cycling projects, you always have a few in your cupboard and they can be turned into almost anything! I often buy my jarred groceries depending on how useful the jar is afterwards and for this book I had some fun shopping trips to the supermarket finding the perfect jars, we had some interesting meals while I was working on this book :)

In a few weeks time I will post a video tutorial of one of my favourite projects from the book exclusively for you Hester's Handmade Home readers! Why don't you subscribe to my blog not to miss out?

Next week I'm back with a new episode in my Hester's House Updates series, see you then!

x Hester

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