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How sweet are this little egg cups all lined up on my breakfast table! Don't they look like little men with those cute short legs? The cups are made from air drying clay and couldn't be simpler to make.

We're having an early easter this year, on Sunday the 27th of March you can release all your bunny and chicken decorations and eat as many chocolade eggs as humanly possible :) I love Easter, my family always throw a big party as it coincides with my aunties birthdays (twins) so we gather for a hike in the countryside, go on an egg hunt and then have a big buffet of home made goodies and boiled eggs, lots of boiled eggs. In the part of Holland I'm from you do this thing called 'eieren tikken' basically you have to whack your boiled egg against somebody else's and if your egg breaks you can eat it, if not bad luck you have to find another egg to hit your against. I haven't got a clue where this tradition stands from but it's a fun game to play while eating.

Of course the Easter table needs pretty decorations and this year I thought I should make my own egg cups, inspired by my new favourite coffee cup I decided to give the cups little legs. Have a look at the video below to see how easy it is to make your own.

Didn't I say it was easy? All you need is air drying clay and some tester pots or leftovers of paint. I painted the legs and the inside of my cups but you can get creative and maybe paint polkadots, or stripes or do a dip dye?

I used these paints: The olive colour is the Versailles chalk paint from Annie Sloan. The blue is Corinth Blue milk paint by General Finishes, the yellow is Melancholy Monkey by Valspar by absolutely favourite shade of yellow. And the orange one is a special mix from Valspar I picked up on a PR event for B&Q but have a look at the orange hues at the Valspar stand they have some amazing ones.

The cup that inspired me to make the little egg cups on legs

The cup that inspired me to make the little egg cups on legs

egg cups diy hesters handmade home

I like that the thin and handmade feel of the egg cups, if you prefer a more uniform look keep the clay a little bit thicker and cut the edge in a very straight line. Air drying clay hardens when it looses it's moisture through evaporation you simple wait 24 hours and your egg cups is ready to be painted. If you don't want to wait that long use a hairdryer to speed up the drying proces or pop the cups in a preheated oven on 80C for about ten minutes, make sure the oven door is cracked open so the moisture can escape. After the ten minutes switch the oven off and let the pots cool.

egg cups hesters handmade home
egg cups tutorial hesters handmade home

Do you like making things for Easter? What are your favourite makes? I would love to know! If you need a little more Easter inspiration have a look at all my other video's in the Easter crafts playlist, there are Easter card tutorials, decorations and many more.

Next week I will making of of the project from my new book Crafting with Mason jars, how exciting! The book will hit the shops worldwide on the 10th of March, can't wait for you all to see what I've been up to over the last moths. The project I'll be showing you is my favourite from the book which has 39 idea's of what you can do with a Mason jars and other glass vessels.

If you live in the South East of the UK, I'll be hosting a workshop in Archive Homestore Ramsgate on the 11th of March. Tickets cost only Β£5 and are for sale at Archive please contact them on or 01843 580 666 to book or for more info.

archive ramsgate workshop

Hope you have fun claying some egg cups this week, see you all next Thursday xx Hester

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