Make your own Valentine's day card

valentines card banner.jpg

Valentine's day is fast approaching, have you sorted out your card(s) yet? What about making something truly special and unique and make your own initials carved, heart card!

And the best bit? Its super easy and doesn't cost half as much as a shop bought card.  What you need:

  • A plain card, I love these brown paper ones but any colour would do
  • Little bit of fabric
  • Contrasting thread
  • Sewing machine

Cut a heart shape out of your fabric, lay it on the card and stitch around it with the machine. Now 'carve' the initials of you and your special person. Guide your sewing machine up and down a couple of times until the letters are thick enough and easy to read.

And that's it! A truly unique card made within 10 minutes, easy or what! 

Happy Valentine's!! Are you going to make your own card? Please show me your cards on Instagram thanks.

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