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String art bunny

String art bunny

Ever since I saw a string art design of 'Girl with a pearl earring' (based on the famous painting of Vermeer) I wanted to try it out this technique .I love the simplicity of creating a piece of art with just nails and yarn. I don't know why it took me ages to have a go and its extremely fiddly when you create a small piece like my bunny design here, and therefor shouldn't be my kind of thing at all but I loved it! 

I seem to have a thing for bunnies at the moment, there a quite a few dotted around my house and the long haired mammals appear in my drawings and designs to. Must be the summer :) I just love little bunnies, they way they hop in a field, the way they clean their little faces, the oddly long ears. Anyway bunnies, I like :) When designing a string art piece for you I ones again ended up drawing a bunny, a slightly grumpy folky one this time, but made out of string he is oh so cute!

What you need to make your own little friend

  • a piece of wood, the older the better
  • nails, I used panel pins
  • embroidery floss
  • my bunny design
  • a spare two hours

Download my bunny design and print it out in a size that fits your piece of wood, I printed mine in A5. Cut a piece of embroidery fabric the size of the bunny's back 'saddle' and embroider it with bright coloured flowers. Either free hand or according to my design. Stick the print out bunny on your piece of wood with tape and ones this is done you can start following the outline of the bunny with the nails, hammering them in every 2cm or so. But leave the back 'saddle' bit free. Tear the paper away and nail the flower embroidery design to the bunny's back with a few nails. Now comes the fun part, follow the nails with the embroidery floss to show the outline of the bunny, simply tie a knot on your starter nail and start wrapping. Have a look how I done this in the instruction video.

Are you tempted to make your own bunny string art piece? Or have you made any other creatures out of yarn and nails? I would love to see your design!

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