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Paper flowers tutorial

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I love having my home full of flowers, nothing says spring is here better then a gorgeous bouquet on the kitchen table. Anemones, ranunculus or the humble cornflower, with its beautiful blue shade, are some of my favorites. And not to forget gorgeous smelling sweet pea and lavender! Do you have any favorite flowers?

But sometimes there is nothing to pick in the garden and you cant make it to the florist but still want to add a splash of colour to your home. What to do? Come in the paper flowers! They are super easy to make, you can pick any colour you want, they will last you a lifetime and you cant kill them ;)

All you need is;

  • different colours of tissue paper
  • bamboo skewers
  • sandwich bag fasteners
  • little bit of washi tape
  • scissors

Follow the video tutorial to make your own bouquet of gorgeous petals. When you finished making your flowers, arrange them in a vase just how you would do with normal flowers. Cut the ends of the skewers to have a variety in height. Also make your flowers in different sizes to make for a more interesting bouquet.

I would love to see your creations!! Leave a comment on this post or send me a picture on Instagram

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