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Easter wreath

Easter wreath

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There is something so welcoming about a front door with a wreath, and while most of us have one for Christmas must of the other days of the year our doors go bare. But not for much longer as this Easter you can have a great fabric wreath. Hang it on your front door, dining room door, bedroom door, barn door, hang it wherever you like!

I saw a picture on my aunt J's Facebook page of her fabric Easter wreath and it looked awesome! She made one for Christmas years ago and just changed the decorations to fit the Easter theme. And I thought I can do the same!  So I made my own take on the wreath, what do you think? 

I opted to use 3 different fabrics that go well together just to give it a bit more of a contemporary edge. You can decorate your wreath with anything you like, I used fake flowers, chicks and an Easter egg. My aunts one had Easter eggs all over, or why not use real chocolate eggs? Or cover the whole thing in flowers and make it into a spring wreath.

You can make the wreath in an afternoon, and you'll need:

  • Fabric in 3 different prints
  • synthetic (toy) filling
  • decorations
  • sewing machine
  • thread matching your fabrics

Have a look at the video tutorial for instructions how to make the wreath

I would love to see your wreath creations!!


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