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Tassel rug

Tassel rug

Add tassels to your rug for an Anthropologie style look

I really wanted a Moroccan style rug in my bedroom but unfortunately I couldn't find any in my budget. I love the berber style rugs and the tasseled rugs that Anthropologie sell so I used them as inspiration to make my own budget version!

I picked up the rug in the sale of B&Q, I love the trellis pattern the wool has but being a plain rug it is a little boring. I needed a few tassels! tassels are super easy to make, I like to use embroidery floss as they will give your tassel a smooth texture. For a bigger, bulkier tassel you could use wool as well. 

Tassel tutorial by hesters handmade home

I used all different tones of grey for the tassels and blue, pink, yellow and greens as accent colours. You can even use several colours per tassel, my favourite are the plain ones but I do like the tassels with a different tone around the middle as well.

Have a look at how easy it is to hack your rug into a tassel rug

Doesn't the rug look a lot more expensive now? I love the colour pop and the texture the tassels give to the rug. It also fits in so much better into the 'modern rustic with hint of bohemian' style I have going on in the bedroom.

What would you decorate with tassels? You can use them for so much more then decorating a rug, what about swing them onto a blanket or scarf? Or you can hang one on a necklace or make smaller tassels and wear them as ear rings!

Rug before it's tassel hack, tutorial by hesters handmade home
add tassels to a rug for a Moroccan look, tutorial by hester's handmade home
make your own tassels to decorate a rug with, tutorial by hester's handmade home
Anthropologie style rug hack by hesters handmade home
Tassel rug tutorial by Hesters Handmade Home

I'll be back next week with a very exciting video, see you then! x Hester

All photo's and video by Hester van Overbeek. The tassel rug tutorial first appeared here on www.hestershandmadehome.com.

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