Hester at the Handmade Fair

These last 3 days I've been at the Handmade Fair, the place to be if you like crafts! Kirstie Alssopp and her team did a great job in making sure every craft was represented from sewing and crochet to up-cycling and cocktail shaking. The craft markets were filled with interesting stalls, the big tent had an inspirational line up and the skills tents were full of amazing makers.

I was in the Annie Sloan Up-cycle tent, showing the workshop attendees how you can turn a pile of fabric scraps into yarn that we then used to decorate a jam jar creating an unique vase.

I've had a brilliant time and filmed little bits to give you an impression of the fair. This is the first time I filmed and edited a video completely on my phone, hope you like it!

Thank you for having me Kirstie, Annie and the Handmade Fair, I had a blast!

x Hester

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