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Fly curtain, stylish summer craft project

Fly curtain, stylish summer craft project

fly curtain diy, tutorial by Hester's handmade Home

Yeah summer is here! Or maybe was here, the weather was getting better for the last few days only for thunderstorms to come in :( Ah well I think it will change to brilliant sunshine again soon, I’m staying positive :)

One of the first things I do when the weather is nice is open the back door, let the breeze come in and have the dog sun bathing in the back yard. I unfortunately don’t have a sliding door anymore like I had in the old house, mine is now a normal backdoor from the lean to into the garden but still it’s my gateway to the outside so open the door will be when the sun is out. Only downside though is with the cool breeze coming in the bugs enter the house as well. I’ve caught countless of bee’s and flies over the last couple of weeks and although it’s funny seeing Kermit run after all the flies and snapping his snout at them like a crocodile I rather not have any bugs fly in. Enter this stylish and simple summer make! In just half an hour you have turned a plastic table cloth into a fly curtain that moves slowly in the wind.

You need:

  • plastic tablecloth
  • batten that is 10 cm wider then your door
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • drill
  • hook
  • hammer and nails

I used a plastic tablecloth with a lace motive but you can use any cloth you like, maybe go rainbow colour or what about a nice block colour?

Bug screen curtain, tutorial by hester's handmade home
fly curtian, an easy but stylish make from Hester's Handmade home


The lean-to was the ugliest part of the house when we got it, dirty walls, damaged concrete floor and a polycarbon roof. The previous owner didn’t even bother taking the protective plastic of the roof when they installed it and it's has been so long now that I can’t get the blue film off. If anybody has got a good tip for me to clear it please let me know! I painted all the walls white, the door frame yellow and stuck a great mosaic floor down from Zazous. The washing machine that is plumped into the lean-to has gotten a reclaimed wood build around and the room looks rather cute now! It would be great to replace the roof at one point but for the moment were going to live with polycarbonate sheets, I might even turn this room into my indoor garden!


What does your back door look like? Are you going to make it a costum build fly curtain?Would love to see your makes! Tag them on Instagram with #hestershandmadehome so I can see them ;)

I’ll be back next week with a 20second craft, I haven’t done one of those in ages!!

xx Hester

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