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Getting ready for Spring

spots in coral and turquoise, an ode to agnes

The sun as been out for a few days now and I'm slowly getting out of my winter hibernation. Having spend way to much time indoors due to this never ending flu, doing way better now and can even talk again (!) so there will be a new video in Thursday, I am so ready for spring to start!

Change keeps your interior fresh and exciting so with every season I add small changes to my home decor, do you remember my winter makeover post? Have a look here. The ski hut look was great for the cold months but now its time to introduce some bright colours into my living room again and get ready for spring to start.

You don't need to change your whole living room around to inject some spring to your decor, a simple bouquet of flowers, a bright pillow and some new art work can really give a fresh feel to your interior. My favourite place for new art is the Minted art marketplace, Minted sources creative content from all around the globe and then sells the best designs on their website. It's always very exciting to discover a new artist or designer and Minted makes it very easy for you, since 2008 they have been holding art and design challenges were designers, first timers or professional, can enter their work. The new pieces are then curated by the Minted website viewers, if a piece gets enough votes it will end up on the website for all of us to buy, how great is that?

I've been ooh-ing and aah-ing all weekend over all the new spring inspired art works and have narrowed my search down to these amazing pieces. I'm really craving yellows and corals at the moment, the perfect hues to inject spring into your interior. Which ones do you like?

It's difficult to choose isn't it? Love them all! From the yellow stripes of the Ode to Agnes piece to the multi colours of the Girls in Brooklyn, or I might go for the cherry blossoms of the Light pink cherry piece, they are all stunning and would inject a lot of spring happiness to my living room!

While you are on the Minted website also have look at their other products, you can find every piece of personalised stationary you could ever dream off, from business cards to moving announcements from thank you cards to wedding invites, you sure will find what you are looking for.

I'm so ready for spring that my next couple of tutorials and blog posts will all be about injection some spring happiness to your home, expect a lot of colour make overs and flower vases tutorial, next video will be online this Thursday.




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