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Ikea Family Live

Ikea Family Live

At the beginning of the year we had an Ikea team in the house photographing our home. I absolutely adore Ikea and luckily the feeling was mutual as they wanted to show our home in their lovely Ikea Family Live magazine.

Photographer Polly Wreford and stylist Samantha Grigg did a great job showing of the house in its full blue and white glory while journalist Helen Brown wrote a lovely story about us.

I have a lot of Ikea in my home, but you might not spot it right away as I like to adapt my furniture, as you probably know from my upcycle tutorials. Ikea thought the house fitted in perfectly with their creative issue, out now!  Have a look at some of the pictures.

That looks great, right?! If you want to see the full article and the home video have a look at the online magazine here. The magazine gets published in a print issue in hand full of  countries around the world as well, if you're lucky enough you can pick up a copy at your local Ikea store.

I didn't take that many behind the scenes pictures as I was pretty busy making things out of Ikea fabric but have a look at these 3 pics. As you can see it was a very cold January day but the pictures turned out amazing, well done Polly!!

Did you like the article? Which one is your favourite picture? I myself like playing where is Kermit as he appears to be in every shot :)

Getting ready for Spring

Orchard dinner

Orchard dinner

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