Decorate your windows with chalk markers

Decorate your window with chalk markers

I love Instagram, it's such a great medium to discover crafters and makers from all around the world. At the end of last year I came across the Window drawing account and absolutely loved it! 

You might have decorated your windows round Christmas time with some snow patterns are your kindergarten might have had illustrations all over the windows (mine were done in this rubbery paint that was real tricky to remove) But with illustrators Anke's great designs and some chalk markers you can have easily decorated windows all year round! Have a look at my video to see how I doodled on my lean-to window

It's that easy! A great project for the craft shy, you simply go to the website, purchase the design you like best, print, stick to the window and trace with a chalk marker. If you are fed up with your drawings you simply wipe them off with some window cleaner and doodle a new design. These drawings are great to create a bit more privacy if your window faces the street, I especially love the geometric patterns for this. Have a look at as besides these pots and vases Anke has a lot more designs on offer. You have your quotes, houses, hole cities and animals I'm very tempted to fill the hole window with spring birds for Easter! Another thing I really like are the school/daycare designs wouldn't it be great to draw an alphabet on the windows so your little ones can learn in a fun and creative way?

decorate your windows with chalk marker, tutorial by Hesters Handmade Home
Window drawings with designs from
Designs by

I must say it's real hard taking pictures of windows!! Hope the images are clear enough for you ;)

I'm in the midst of book deadlines but will try and post another video next week in the mean time have a look at my back catalogue of video's over on See you soon! xx

This is not a sponsored post I simply love this company. Video and photo's by Hester van Overbeek

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