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Watch strap hack with Nordgreen

Watch strap hack with Nordgreen

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I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but I LOVE a good watch, I blame my mum she has a watch obsession :) So when they people from Nordgreen emailed me about their watches I was very intrigued.

They are a Danish brand based in Copenhagen, and we all know that is where all the cool people live. Designed by Bang& Olufsen designer Jakob Wagner, Nordgreen is in the top 10 of most successful fashion projects on Kickstarter ever in Europe. Their watches are exactly what I love, simple design, very elegant and big without looking like I’m wearing a mens watch. There are several strap options from classic tan leather, to metal mesh ones and the one I love the nylon strap.

Hesters Handmade Home for Nordgreen watches

Besides designing brilliant watches Nordgreen also gives back with every watch sold. Costumers can choose which one of the three charities Nordgreen works with they want to donate to, I chose the water option and my watch provides two months of clean water for a person in the Central African republic.

HHH Nordgreen watch strap hack

I wouldn’t be a furniture/lifestyle hacker if I wouldn’t want to give this lovely watch a little hack too. Have a look at the images below to see how I turned a silk scarf into a double strap for my new watch.

Take the original strap off the watch, this is very easy, you just slide it off. You will need a small silk scarf (square 50 x 50 cm), scissors and needle and thread to make the new strap.

Cut two of the corners of your scarf giving you a piece of fabric of roughly 25 x 70 cm. Fold the sides to the middle and fold double again. Stitch closed with a thread in a matching colour. As you can see in the picture below I used clothes pegs to keep the fabric in place while stitching.

When finished just push the new strap through the back of your watch.

Nordgreen watch strap hack by Hesters Handmade Home

Isn’t the dark green and mustard scarf lovely with the watch? I do love a double strap and I can the strap even witch around my wrists three times, a triple strap!

There are different ways of wearing the watch, a simple knot like the picture below on the left is very pretty but I’m liking the look of right image, twisted strap wrapped around 3 times, too.

This strap is so simple to make you can keep changing the look of your watch around, just use different coloured or patterned scarfs.

Fancy your own Nordgreen watch? Use the code HESTER at checkout to get 15% off!

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